Center Overview

Center for Crossover Education promotes practical education. We are responsible for the development of new methods of science and engineering education, internationalized education, and teaching-profession-related work, and for improvement of the quality of both students and faculty.

Center for Crossover Education always opens for anyone who:

1. Interested in studying abroad
2. Wants to get teacher’s license in Japan
3. Interested in manufacturing things
4. Wants to use a room for work, discussion or operation
5. Wants to participate Students Voluntary Project

If you have any question, please contact us from here .

We are willing to support all the students and teachers at Faculty of Engineering Science of Akita University.

1) Education Methods Development Division

In this division, we attempt to develop education methods such as PBL(Project-based Learning) and Active Learning.
We arrange classes and lessons across different courses, year-grades or expertise fields of students.
Also, we promote education systems cooperated with local companies including internship of students.

Firstly, Techno-career Seminar is held in the 1st year-grade so as to show a practical future career path to students.
During this seminar, teachers are invited from outside of Akita University and conduct classes in order to tell the students the importance of learning at university from the point of view as senior members of society.

Secondly, Manufacturing Classes for Kids is held normally six times a year as a contribution to local communities.


Last but not least, Students Voluntary Project is one of the most important projects arranged by Faculty of Engineering Science.
Students make their original plans what to produce and pursue them by themselves.

There are 10 projects in total adopted in the year period of 2020, such as Projection Mapping Project, Challenge for Practical Use of Akita-komochi (substitute food for rice cakes), Digital Engineering with OpenFOAM and so on.




Students work creatively and voluntarily in tandem with each other, even though their attempts may sometimes end up with failure.


2) Globalization support Division

In this division, we are in charge of acceptance / dispatch of international exchange students of Faculty of Engineering Science in anticipation of further internationalization in Akita.
We believe that it is the most practical and effective educational experience to study abroad and be surrounded by the atmosphere we have never known.

Also, it is expected that the demand for English lessons will rapidly increase as more and more exchange students come and study at Akita University.

Our English teachers will co-work to develop lessons full of creativity and accordingly conduct classes with higher quality.

Faculty of Engineering Science of Akita University provides you with our original study-abroad programs.
To let students join the programs, Study Abroad Preparation Seminar is regularly held.



Our goal is to improve English skills of the participants through TOEIC lessons, online classes with the foreign university’s students and other challenges.
By means of these efforts, we support students at Faculty of Engineering Science and foster creative manpower who can act globally.

3) Teaching profession support Division

In this division, students who are interested in acquiring teachers’ licenses for science subjects at junior high schools and high schools can visit us and ask for advices.


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